Alternative Education

Bay Pathways is an educational program that falls under Alternative Education in New Zealand, and it caters to young individuals aged 13 to 15 who are referred from local high schools. The program aims to support these individuals in continuing their education under the New Zealand curriculum in a supervised environment, with the goal of progressing through the Scale Progressions and attaining NCEA level 1.

Through Bay Pathways, learners can develop their knowledge, advance their education, and explore various pathways for more opportunities. To be eligible for Alternative Education students are to meet both the criteria of;

  • At risk of or already disengaged from mainstream schooling and
  • Years 9-11
  • They must be referred to this service through a local high school

There is no cost to attend Alternative Education.

Here in Tauranga Moana we have two consortiums

  • Tauranga Consortium which is managed by Tauranga Boys College.
  • Mount Maunganui Consortium is managed by Mount Maunganui College.

In order for your child to come to Alternative Education your child MUST BE enrolled in a school here in Tauranga Moana, fit the criteria and be referred to us by your contributing school.

We help students, whānau, and schools set clear pathways for the student to either return to mainstream schooling, further education or employment as they can be with us up until they are 16 years old.

We endeavour to help all of our students to develop skills in self-efficacy, engagement in their learning, confidence, and self-management to succeed and become valuable members of their environment. We follow the Key Competencies of the NZC; Thinking, Relating to others, Using language, symbols, and text, Managing self, and Participating and contributing. We also follow the teaching of Mason Durie’s Hauora model of Te Whare Tapa Whā, to strengthen our student’s whole wellbeing.