Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing
The food and beverage manufacturing industry is responsible for producing products that we use daily and contributes over $30 billion to New Zealand’s exports. This industry also provides materials for agriculture, health and beauty products, and other items that use plant or animal products. In addition to technical skills and knowledge required to work safely within the industry, you will also gain insight into different manufacturing processes such as fermenting, dehydrating, milling, and distilling.

We have a range of short courses related to Food and beverage manufacturing. You can either select individual unit standards or different food bundles.

Bundle 1 - US20666, US24528; Level 2 – 7 credits
Demonstrate basic knowledge of contamination hazards and control methods used in a food business.

Bundle 2 - US17593, US7755, US7756; Level 2 – 11 credits
Demonstrate and apply knowledge of safe work practices in the food or related product processing workplace.

Bundle 3: US7758, US24529, & US10791; Level 2 – 13 credits =
Identify product and packaging faults on food or related products; Demonstrate knowledge of basic food and/or related products processing quality requirements and; Participating in an informal meeting

US24650: Demonstrate knowledge of brix measurement and sample collecting. Level 2 – 2 credits

US766: Label food and/or related product containers manually, Level 2 – 2 credits

US7679: Wrap individual food and/or related products manually, Level 2 - 1 credit

US29079: Make biscuit products in a commercial baking environment under supervision, Level 3 – 10 credits