Permit to Work

Course Overview:

This course is designed to give the trainees the necessary skills and knowledge to complete a permit-to-work within your workplace. To understand the responsibilities of both the permit issuer and permit receiver. Also to understand the fundamental components and reasons for specific work permit types within different workplaces.

We have designed this course to, not only cover unit standards 17588 & 17590, but to ensure that all different types of permits are covered. So we don’t focus on simply one type of permit (for example; Confined Space Permit), we cover the permits from Isolation of Safety Systems, through to Hot Work.

The range of permits that we cover, although these may not be areas that staff work in, but are detailed within the NZQA unit standards, so must be discussed and the reasons behind them needs to be understood;

Confined Space Entry Permit:

Excavation Permit (also known as a Permit to Dig); Isolation of Essential Services Permit; Working at Height Permit; Asbestos Work Permit; Hot Work Permit; Stress-Work Permit (also known as “Cold Work” permit); Crane, or Heavy-Lift Permit; Isolation of Essential Services (water or power); Structural Penetration Permit (may be known as Poly-Panel Penetration Permit); Permit to Remove Guarding. These are all discussed and the purpose for them is worked through. It is important to remember, that although a person may only be interested in one specific type of permit within their area of expertise….. -you must remember that the NZQA unit standards are not restricted to only one type of permit. A person that obtains the Permit-to-Work certificate, can be assumed to know the basics of all these types of permits.

17588: Apply for, accept, and carry out work according to a work permit in the workplace

17590: Issue worksite specific work permits

We can also include unit standard 17602; Apply hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in the workplace. This comes at an extra charge.

Call us to discuss methods of working through this that works for your workplace.

Course Location: Our training facility, 12 York Avenue, Mount Maunganui

Course Duration: 2 days

Course Cost: Enquire to find out!