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Kia Ora!!!
Maia Haeata
Operations Manager
As a member of the management team at PCTI, I work closely with Mark and Fiona to ensure that daily operations run smoothly. With my background in business and extensive experience in education, I am committed to supporting our team and striving for operational excellence. My responsibilities include managing enrollments, staff, sales and marketing, resources and finances, reporting to regulatory bodies, maintaining health and safety standards, providing support and guidance to students, and building positive relationships with stakeholders.

Lolita Libeau
Administration and Enrolment Coordinator
As an administration and enrolment coordinator at PCTI, I am responsible for managing and organising the office’s daily activities such as enrolling students, managing office resources and equipment, creating reports, budgeting, and providing support to the team with various administrative duties
Jude Robinson
Adult Community Education tutor
My name is Jude Robinson and I have been working at Pacific Coast Technical Institute for 11 years.
I have been in education for 26 years working in various roles including tutor, programme management, learning advisor, moderator, staff training to name a few.
During any day of the week, I could be teaching, developing/upgrading, teaching material, tutor supporting or whatever needs completing in an educational environment. However my main focus is student improvement in a holistic way that achieves outcomes covering all aspects of their lives. I work with students with disabilities, youth at risk, and seniors.
Feuerstein is the perfect programme to achieve this, and I have included the link for you to learn more about why this is the best fit for my values and my organisations values
The Feuerstein Method | The Feuerstein Institute (
I am a trained practitioner for the Feuerstein method of learning. I am fortunate enough to have been trained by Israeli teachers where the school of Feuerstein is based.
“Intelligence is not static.”

Daniel Martin
Apiculture tutor
Meet Dan, a beekeeping tutor at PCTI. Dan has been a beekeeper for 14 years and has a deep love and passion for honeybees and the environment. He is an enthusiastic teacher who loves to share his knowledge and experience with others. Dan is a key member of the apiculture team and is eager to welcome you to one of their wonderful courses. With his extensive experience and expertise, Dan is well-equipped to guide and teach you all about the fascinating world of beekeeping. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced beekeeper, Dan will ensure that you have a fun and informative experience while learning everything there is to know about these fascinating insects. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of the best!
Maricon Dales
Food Manufacturing and Short Courses Tutor
Hello, I’m Maricon Dales. I teach Food Manufacturing and short courses at PCTI. I have eight years of teaching experience in Hospitality and Food Manufacturing in New Zealand and the Philippines. I also own a small local catering business. I hold a Diploma in Business Management specializing in Hospitality and Tourism L7, a Master of Business Administration majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and a Doctor of Management majoring in Human Resources Management. I’m known for being hardworking, respectful, and passionate about teaching with a love for educating and supporting students. My goal is to impact students’ lives through pastoral care and create a positive educational environment for both local and international students.
Kathy Turner
Animal care tutor
My name is Kathy and I have been a tutor at Pacific Coast Technical Institute for 4 years. The course I help to deliver is the New Zealand Certificate in Animal Care Level 3, and the Aquatic Fish Industry Skills Certificate. These courses are perfect for a pathway into the animal care industry. Being an avid animal lover myself, it is a privilege to be involved in such a course as this and I personally find the material to be excellent.
As a Distance Tutor for the course, I will meet you personally on visits, and I will always be on hand to help with any questions or queries you may have. The course has garnered great student feedback, as the material is very informative and allows learning to be fun!
Just a little about myself – My background is actually in the alternative health field but I did a complete switch over 4 years ago into Tertiary Education. I was very interested in the course because the material and knowledge is focused on companion animals, of which I am very passionate. There was also a strand on fish, and though I had no prior experience of fish, I have come to respect them more than I ever did! I realised what a fantastic course this was for the animal care industry overall.
When I am not looking after my own Staffi dog – Ely, I love to hike on the local walking tracks. It is highly likely you will meet Ely at some point as I am very fortunate that he can accompany me on my travels to the Pet Stores ????
Carl Sutton
Food Manufacturing Tutor
Carl is a professional chef who has been involved in many food innovation projects that use native ingredients in Bay of Plenty and wider NZ. He is passionate about making a difference in young lives and feels a great sense of achievement when he sees his students develop and grow as individuals. His students love him.
Trudie Robinson
Future Moves and Short Courses Tutor
My name is Trudie Robinson and I have just started with Pacific Coast Technical Institute.
I have been in hospitality for the last eight years, owning a Café for the last five. I have many skills in this area.
I will be running a programme called ‘Future Moves’ which includes developing Food and Beverage Skills.
I’m also training in Feuerstein and have included the link for you to discover what the Feuerstein Method is about.
I look forward to bringing my skills to support Youth in study and into employment.
Tevita Levao (Tav)
Alternative Education and Youth Tutor
My name is Tevita Levao better known as Tav.
I'm a father of two, a son at Tauranga Boys College and a daughter at Tauranga Intermediate. I enjoy music, sports and being a taxi driver and bill payer for the kids. This is my third year being involved with the company and have enjoyed every year as they present new challenges every year.
My role within Bay Pathways is tutor for the Boys Class.
A classroom where the boys are more interested in pursuing employment and getting ready for life outside of school. We take a more hanhands-ond practical approach for our literacy and numeracy. This year we are undertaking more workplace visits and work experience opportunities. The goal is to give the boys the tools to be not only successful tools needed for the workplace but have them leave as better young men by building a strong classroom brotherhood.
Desrian Lomax (Des)
Alternative Education and Youth Tutor
My name is Desrian Lomax, I am a Mother of 3 and have 2 Grand-daughters. I have been with Bay Pathways since 2016. My role is to create positive and nurturing experiences around education for students to encourage them to be engaged and present with their academic goals. Developing self-efficacy and healthy mindsets are the impetus of what we do here at Bay Pathways to ensure that our students' growth breaks cycles of negative behaviours. I am privileged to work alongside two other phenomenal people who make up our A-Team here at Bay Pathways.
Adele Box
Alternative Education and Youth Tutor
Tēnā koutou whanau
Nō Ingarani, Wēra, Aerana, Huitene ōku tupuna (My ancestors are from England, Wales,
Ireland and Scandinavian)
Engari ko Tauranga tōku kāinga (But Tauranga is my home)
Ko Mauao te maunga (mountain)
Ko Tauranga Moana te awa (river)
Ko Timandra te waka (ancestral waka)
Ko Pakeha, ko Ingarani, ko Wēra, ko Aerana, ko Huitene nga iwi (tribe)
Ko Box te Hapū (sub tribe)
Ko Ian Box tōku pāpā (father)
Ko Rhonda Wills tōku māmā (mother)
Ko James tōku tamariki (child)
Ko Adele ahau (I am)
Nō Tauranga ahau (I am from)
Nō reira, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa (therefore, welcome, welcome,
welcome everyone)