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Fees Free Study
Are you thinking about starting tertiary education or training for the first time? If so, you may be eligible for Fees Free support from the government. This means you can study or train at our school without paying any fees for up to one year or two years, depending on your course.

Fees Free is a policy introduced in 2018 to expand participation in tertiary education and reduce student debt in New Zealand. It is targeted towards first-time learners who have never done more than half a year of tertiary education2.

Fees Free covers all compulsory fees (tuition fee, student services fee, etc.) up to $12,000 for any level of study. All our certificate, diploma and degree programmes are eligible for Fees Free support.

To find out if you qualify for Fees Free, visit feesfree.govt.nz and enter your National Student Number (NSN). Your NSN is a unique number that identifies you as a learner. If you don’t have an NSN or don’t know what it is, contact us and we’ll help you get one.

All PCTI tertiary programmes qualify for fees-free. Don’t miss this opportunity to start your journey towards your dream career with us. Apply now and enjoy Fees Free study!